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Dealing with cash tips, Tronc Services, service charges, and Tronc has become a real concern for many restaurant and hospitality operators now that tipping practices are back in the spotlight.

Customers typically pay a 12.5% gratuity on their bills to thank the employees who served them, but those employees are frequently disappointed by the reality. In addition, according to various reports, the number of employers who unjustly reap the benefits through Tronc Services show no signs of slowing down.

So, what’s the answer? How can the hospitality, leisure, and service industries distribute tips in a fair and transparent manner? Many businesses choose to distribute gratuities by including them in their regular payroll Service. However, there is a catch: the tip money is frequently taxed as salary, meaning the employees receive it net of income tax and NI contributions (NICs).

In an industry that can be hard to work in, and often experiences high turnover, Tronc Services will usually make a job that pays in this way far less appealing to top hospitality talent. So, enter troncs and tronc services London, an alternative option that benefits everyone.

What Are Tronc Services?

A tronc is a special pay arrangement that is used to distribute customer tips, gratuities, and voluntary service charges to employees through Tronc Services. The term comes from the French phrase “tronc des pauvres,” or “collection box,” which was used to collect donations for the poor in the 1920s.

HMRC Tax Investigations Advice, Tronc Services

Who is a Troncmaster?

A troncmaster is the person in charge of coordinating the distribution of tips, gratuities, Tronc ServicesLondon, and voluntary service charges given by customers to employees.

The troncmaster must not be the proprietor, a partner, or another company official to ensure that tips are not subject to NICs. Furthermore, employers must not decide or participate in tip distribution. The total cost of employer and employee NICs is over 25%, so this represents a significant savings that can be passed on to employees’ take-home pay.

Why Tronc Makes Sense?

The benefits of troncmaster services are straightforward:

  • Staff can own up to 100 percent of their hard-earned tips and have a say in how they are distributed between front and back of house personnel.
  • The arrangement can be truly self-contained, free of employer interference and influence, and operated for the benefit of employees.
  • Formal rules governing the allocation and distribution of service charges are available to employees and customers, so that everyone understands where every penny tipped is really going. Surveys have shown that sometimes customers withhold gratuities because they are not sure that they are really going to the staff that served them.
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Tronc and National Insurance Contributions

Operating a tronc system can potentially reduce National Insurance Contributions (NICs) in the following ways:

  1. Exemptions for Service Charges and Gratuities: Tronc systems allow businesses to qualify for exemptions from NICs on service charges, tips, and gratuities paid by customers via payment cards and distributed to staff. By utilizing a tronc scheme, businesses and their employees can significantly reduce their combined NICs payments compared to distributing these funds outside of a tronc system.

  2. Significant Savings: The hospitality industry uniquely benefits from these NICs exemptions. Implementing a compliant tronc system can result in substantial savings. For instance, a hospitality business with an annual turnover of £250,000 could save over £4,000 per year. Additionally, employees receiving £100 per week through a tronc system could enjoy more than £600 in additional net pay annually.

  3. Complexity and Expert Guidance: Qualifying for the NICs exemption requires navigating through extensive guidance from HMRC. Understanding and adhering to these rules can be challenging. At Pearl Lemon Accountants, we provide practical, pragmatic, and commercially viable approaches to ensure compliance and maximize the benefits of a tronc system.

  4. Risk of Non-Compliance: It is crucial to operate the tronc system correctly to avoid potential liabilities. Non-compliance may result in HMRC seeking both employees’ and employers’ NICs, along with interest and penalties. For a business with a turnover of £250,000 per annum, this liability could exceed £30,000. Therefore, it is essential to seek expert advice when designing and managing a tronc system to mitigate risks.

Implementing a tronc system can offer significant advantages in reducing NICs, resulting in cost savings for both businesses and employees. However, due to the complexity and potential risks involved, it is recommended to consult with professionals like Pearl Lemon Accountants to ensure compliance and optimize the benefits of a tronc scheme.

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Independent Troncmasters

There is a growing demand for troncmasters who are not employees of the company and thus cannot be influenced by their boss. Businesses value someone who is up to date on Tronc Services rules and acts fairly and ethically – without bias, partiality, or personal friendships or motivations getting in the way. This is critical when providing tronc services.

As independent Tronc Services troncmasters, we assist our hospitality clients in forming trusting relationships with their employees and customers. Our troncs are completely transparent, comply with all HMRC requirements, provide NIC exemption, and save employers and employees money. Each position is unique and designed to help our clients recruit, motivate, and incentivize their employees.

If you prefer to appoint an in-house Tronc Services troncmaster, we can help there too, ensuring that a fair and compliant system is set in place. Either way, we have the Tronc Services tronc advice you need.


Tronc is a system used in the hospitality industry to distribute tips and service charges among employees. Implementing a Tronc scheme can promote fairness, motivation, and transparency within your business. It ensures that tips are properly allocated while complying with tax and employment regulations.

Implementing a Tronc scheme is not mandatory, but it can offer several benefits. It promotes fairness, motivates employees, and ensures proper reporting and taxation of tips. If your business receives regular tips or service charges, setting up a Tronc scheme may be beneficial to both the business and your employees.

Tronc systems, when implemented correctly, can qualify for exemptions from NICs on service charges, tips, and gratuities paid by customers. By utilizing a tronc scheme, businesses and employees can significantly reduce their combined NICs payments, resulting in cost savings and increased take-home pay.

No, it is not. There’s “…no contractual right to receive payments of any amount out of the tronc…” according to Gov.UK.

No, employers cannot take Tronc funds. The purpose of a Tronc system is to ensure fair and transparent distribution of tips, gratuities, and service charges among employees. Tronc funds are intended solely for the benefit of the employees who have directly earned them through their service and interactions with customers.

According to the regulations governing Tronc schemes, employers should not have any control or involvement in the distribution of Tronc funds. The role of the employer is to establish and facilitate the Tronc system, ensuring it operates fairly and in compliance with legal requirements.

By separating Tronc funds from the employer’s control, it safeguards the rights of employees and prevents employers from taking a portion or all of the Tronc funds for their own benefit. This promotes fairness and transparency in the distribution of tips and gratuities, enhancing employee morale and customer satisfaction.

It is important for employers to understand and respect the legal boundaries surrounding Tronc funds. Any attempts by employers to take Tronc funds may result in legal consequences, including potential liabilities, penalties, and damage to the employer’s reputation.

At Pearl Lemon Accountants, we can assist businesses in implementing and managing Tronc schemes while ensuring compliance with regulations. Our expertise helps establish fair and transparent systems that prioritize the rightful distribution of Tronc funds to employees.

The payslip may include a separate line item or category indicating the Tronc amount, which represents the tips and other distributed funds that the employee is entitled to receive.

Including Tronc on a payslip is essential for transparency and clear communication between the employer and employee. It allows employees to easily track and verify their Tronc earnings, ensuring that they receive the appropriate amount based on their involvement in providing services and generating tips.

By separating Tronc earnings on the payslip, it distinguishes them from regular wages or salaries and provides clarity on the different components of the employee’s overall compensation. This distinction is important for tax purposes, as Tronc earnings may have different tax implications compared to regular income.

Pearl Lemon Accountants can assist businesses in accurately and transparently reflecting Tronc earnings on payslips. We can help design payslip formats that clearly present the Tronc amount, allowing employees to easily understand their total income breakdown and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

The Troncmaster can be anyone (except the business partner, employer, or company official). This is also the individual who distributes the tips and/or service charges to employees in the service industry (i.e. hotel workers, waiters, waitresses, etc.). 

As independent troncmasters, Pearl Lemon Accountants provide unbiased, fair, and ethical tronc services. We ensure compliance with HMRC requirements, offer transparency, and save employers and employees money. Our expertise helps businesses form trusting relationships with employees and customers, motivating and incentivizing their workforce.

Tronc systems have complex rules and regulations, and non-compliance can result in significant liabilities. Pearl Lemon Accountants offer expert guidance to ensure compliance, navigate HMRC requirements, and optimize the benefits of a tronc scheme. Our tailored advice helps businesses avoid penalties and mitigate risks.

A transparent and compliant tronc system builds trust among employees and customers. It provides clear rules for tip distribution, ensures fair treatment, and enhances employee satisfaction. Pearl Lemon Accountants help design tronc systems that motivate and incentivize employees, creating a positive work environment.

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