The 30-Day Sprint

30 Days Sprint

Executive Summary

The 30-Day Consultation Sprint is your last step in unlocking the best financial and accounting structure adapted to your needs. this sprint is designed to understand every aspect of your financial situation —past activities, current operations, and future ambitions.

Our goal? To ensure you’re adopting the best strategies considering your unique business goals. Throughout this sprint, we engage in an in-depth analysis of your accounting framework and financial planning, paired with strategic advisement, all carefully designed to bring your financial operations to their peak efficiency and effectiveness. This consultation is the only exercise you’ll need to determine the most effective financial path, ensuring every step taken is a step in the right direction.

Goals and Importance

The 30-Day Consultation Sprint is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation, allowing us to guide you towards implementing the most effective structures and strategies for your unique case. Our objectives for this sprint are not just to understand but also to enhance your financial standing. key goals of this sprint include:


  • Thorough Financial Analysis for Tailored Advice: We aim to gain a profound understanding of your financial situation, enabling us to provide advice that is not only informed but also precisely adapted to meet your business goals.
  • Clarity on Structures and Strategic Direction: We’ll give you a clear overview of the best financial structures for your case, alongside strategies for their implementation, ensuring an alignment with your operational needs and objectives.
  • Identifying and Addressing Financial Challenges: Identification of potential financial issues, followed by the formulation of strategic solutions, allowing your business to navigate and overcome these challenges effectively.
  • Optimizing Financial Health and Operational Efficiency: Focus on enhancing your overall financial wellness and identifying opportunities for cost reduction. This includes different strategies from cost-saving measures to operational enhancements, ensuring your business runs at its peak financial performance.
  • Empowering Decision-Making with Knowledge: As one of the main goals of this sprint, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to make informed financial decisions, ensuring you possess the confidence and clarity to manage your financial future.
Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

Week-by-Week Breakdown

The 30-Day Consultation Sprint is designed around a series of structured exercises, each aimed at enhancing different aspects of your financial framework. Given the bespoke nature of our approach, the activities outlined below serve as examples of what the sprint may entail. However, it’s important to note that the specific exercises executed during your sprint will be customized to address your unique financial circumstances and goals. Here is an overview

30 Days Sprint

Week 1: Assessment and Strategic Foundation

  • Initial Financial Assessment: A comprehensive review of your existing financial and accounting structures to establish a deep understanding of your current situation.
  • Compliance Check: Verification against current laws and regulations is performed to ensure all financial operations are compliant, with a focus on identifying and rectifying any discrepancies.
  • In-depth Financial Activity Analysis: An extensive examination of your recent financial activities is carried out, resulting in a detailed report that outlines both strengths and areas for improvement, preparing targeted strategies.

Week 2: Financial Planning and Cash Flow Optimization

  • Financial Planning and Projections: Detailed financial forecasts are developed, emphasizing revenue and expenditure to guide future financial planning.
  • Risk Management Analysis: Financial risks are assessed, including analysis of market trends and regulatory changes, with strategies formulated to mitigate these risks.
  • KPI Identification and Tracking: Key performance indicators relevant to your financial and business goals are identified, enabling ongoing monitoring of your financial health.
  • Cash Flow Management: Cash flow is analyzed and planned to ensure liquidity and operational stability, optimizing the management of cash inflows and outflows.

Week 3: Technology Integration and Operational Efficiency

  • Software Solutions and Training: Tailored accounting software solutions are recommended, with training provided to enhance your financial management practices.
  • Integration with Business Strategy: Financial strategies are aligned with your overall business objectives, ensuring cohesive progress towards achieving your goals.

Week 4: Advanced Strategies for Growth and Efficiency

  • Cost-saving Measures and Tax Strategy: Strategies aimed at reducing costs and optimizing tax efficiency are implemented, improving your financial operation.
  • Finalizing Strategic Financial Plan: The findings and strategies from the sprint are consolidated into a comprehensive financial plan, ready for implementation to support future growth and stability.
  • Continuous Improvement Plan: A plan for the ongoing evaluation and refinement of financial strategies is outlined, maintaining the agility and responsiveness of your financial operations.

*This timeline might be subject to changes during the actual roll-out of the sprint.

Embarking on a Journey Towards Financial Excellence

Benefits Of The Sprint

The 30-Day Consultation Sprint brings several benefits, each meant to address the complexities of your financial landscape. The sprint is designed to understand and actively improve and optimize your financial and accounting frameworks. Here are the key benefits derived from this intensive engagement:

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  • Customized Financial Framework: The sprint focuses on providing a financial and accounting structure that is adapted to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring that every strategy you implement is fully aligned with your business goals.
  • Strategic Financial Guidance: Through the sprint, you receive comprehensive financial planning and strategic advice, guiding you towards your specified business goals. Operational Efficiency Enhancement: This sprint focuses on the adoption of accounting and operational best practices. These are selected and integrated into your operations to increase the efficiency of your financial management processes.
  • Cost and Time Savings: A significant focus of the sprint is on optimizing financial management and employing tax reduction strategies. This ensures that resources are utilized in the most effective manner possible.
  • Ongoing Support and Engagement: Throughout the sprint, you’ll benefit from continuous support and feedback on the findings, recommendations, and any necessary adjustments. This ongoing engagement ensures that the strategies remain perfectly aligned with your evolving needs and expectations.
  • Accessibility and Open Communication: Our open-door policy gives you access to our team, allowing you to reach out at any time with any questions you might have. This ensures that you’re fully supported every step of the way.
  • Proactive Problem Identification and Resolution: Early detection and strategic resolution of financial challenges are integral to the sprint, ensuring that potential issues are addressed promptly, and maintaining the stability and health of your financial operations.
  • Knowledge Empowerment for Informed Decision-Making: Equipping you with the necessary knowledge and insights is one of the main goals of this sprint. This empowerment ensures that you are prepared to make informed decisions about your financial management, enhancing your confidence and control over financial outcomes.


Through the 30-Day Consultation Sprint, we’ll understand, strategize, and refine your financial operations. This process involves a deep dive into your financial history, aligning strategies with your specific objectives, and outlining a clear plan towards implementing effective financial structures. Each step is designed to fully comprehend and enhance your financial setup, ensuring alignment with your business goals.

As such, the budget for the 30-Day Consultation Sprint is fundamentally an investment in strengthening your business’s financial foundation. This Sprint is carefully designed to provide you with the necessary insights, strategies, and tools to achieve your financial goals. It is a necessary step toward perfecting your approach to financial management, ensuring that every move is well-informed and closely aligned with your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

A:  The pricing for the 30-Day Consultation Sprint is reflective of its comprehensive scope and the depth of engagement it offers. This sprint encompasses a full spectrum of analysis and strategic planning, covering essential aspects such as accounting strategy, scenario planning, and critical financial management. It’s structured to address various “if this, then that” scenarios, equipping businesses to adeptly manage potential market shifts and navigate tax liabilities with foresight and efficiency.

Comparatively, the cost of traditional hourly consultancy services may escalate without delivering the comprehensive, strategic insights integral to the Sprint. The value proposition of this Sprint lies in its holistic approach, prioritizing preventative strategies that can avert costly financial oversights. This not only justifies the investment but positions it as a strategic move towards securing financial stability and achieving long-term savings. The Sprint’s flexible framework further ensures that the support provided is customized to each business’s unique needs, making the  investment a logical choice for businesses seeking targeted, strategic financial guidance.

A: Reporting and documentation are provided through multiple channels to ensure thorough communication and record-keeping. Key methods include email for direct communication and sharing documents, WhatsApp groups for real-time updates and quick queries, and Google Sheets for a project management-style overview of progress. This combination of tools allows for dynamic, structured, and accessible reporting, ensuring clients are well-informed and can easily track the sprint’s progress and outcomes.

A: The service maintains an open-door policy via WhatsApp, ensuring clients can reach out at any time with questions. Responsiveness is a priority, with the policy of replying within 24 hours. However, it’s noted that replies might not be immediate outside of business hours, including weekends and evenings, but a response is guaranteed within the next business day. This approach ensures clients have timely support while also managing expectations regarding availability.

A: The assessment provides a high-level analysis of your account information, offering insights on revenue, broad cost perspectives, and notable financial activities. While this analysis gives a good sense of the financial situation, it is not 100% exhaustive. For a more in-depth analysis, there are optional upgrade services available.

A: The risk management strategies are customized to align with the distinct characteristics and needs of your business. This approach considers various risk factors, including tax liabilities and the complexities introduced by different employment statuses. By examining the unique characteristics of your business, such as company structure and specific tax considerations, the sprint ensures that the risk management strategies provided are not only relevant but also precisely targeted to mitigate potential financial and operational risks effectively. 

A: Our goal is to recommend software that enhances time efficiency through easy integration with existing systems. These recommendations are based on – but not limited to – your banking affiliations and the integrations available with those banks to ensure seamless accounting practices.

A: The consultation sprint is based on a fixed time period of one working month (30 days). If delays caused by the client push work beyond this period, additional fees may apply for continued service.

A: Client data is stored securely on Google Drive, with a commitment to destroying the data six months post-engagement or upon request, in compliance with GDPR.

A: Success is measured through client satisfaction, with a follow-up form sent 60 days post-sprint to gather feedback on the service and any areas for improvement.

A: A sales director schedules a follow-up call three weeks into the ongoing package to discuss progress, new objectives, and any ongoing needs, ensuring a smooth transition and alignment with client goals.

After the sprint, a 25% discount on ongoing services is offered, subject to a three-month minimum commitment. This includes unlimited Q&A and continuous strategy development.

A: The sprint offers decent flexibility to adapt to changes. For minor adjustments, communication via email or WhatsApp is sufficient. For significant changes that require considerable rework, a discussion about potential price adjustments might be necessary.

The service ensures strategies remain effective and compliant as the team constantly does research, staying informed about changes in laws and regulations that could impact financial management.