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By outsourcing your payroll business function to Pearl Lemon Accountants, we can relieve the burden of payroll and pension management, as well as associated compliance, allowing you to focus your internal resources on productive, profitable activities and to become more efficient.

With legislation and reforms constantly changing, it’s reassuring to know that experienced, comprehensive back office payroll support is available and that your company’s payroll is always compliant.

Our specialized outsourced payroll division has extensive experience in a variety of industries. We are not an automated solution, and so your payroll gets the specialist, individual attention it deserves.

The features and benefits of our fully managed payroll service include


Complete payroll service

Accurate payroll processing and management, from Bacs transfer of salary payments to payslip production for streamlined periodic and annual processes.


Optional pension management

We'll check for eligible joiners, perform complex contribution calculations, manage opted leavers, prepare employee correspondence, upload contributions and pay data to pension providers' websites, and keep a clear audit trail throughout, all in accordance with auto enrolment legislation.


Reduced administration

With less work on his or her plate, your HR manager can focus on what he or she does best: managing your people and policies.


Payment reporting and analysis

Receive payment summaries, month and year-end reports automatically for in-depth analysis of your company's salary and pension plans.


Business continuity and disaster recovery are built-in

Consistent service levels and backups of your sensitive payroll data at our secure primary and secondary locations Data stores that are ISO27001-certified eliminate the risk of disruption or data loss.

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We adhere to HMRC legislation, RTI online submission requirements, auto enrolment workplace pensions, and defined timescales to avoid any worries about non-compliance and missed deadlines.

Does your payroll involve complicated loan, expense, bonus, pension, and other deductions – in addition to essential tax and national insurance calculations? No problem! We can manage complex loan, expense, bonus, pension, and other deductions, easing the burden on your in-house staff.

We can accommodate weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, and monthly pay runs, as well as scale up or down based on your staffing levels, so you get the customized service you need at a price that reflects your actual size. This is all a part of our online payroll services.

Payroll processing accuracy

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expertise in all things payroll and pensions to provide high-quality service with a guarantee of accuracy.

Prescribed documentation

For automatic processing of important paperwork, year-end returns, and in-year changes, we take care of all vital documents such as P35, P40, P45, P60, and P11D forms.

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On-demand access to your dedicated payroll clerk, who acts as your payroll department, provides you with personal, friendly service and prompt resolution of any payroll queries. Big automated payroll companies can’t offer you that.

Safe management of your sensitive payroll data improves security and reduces the risk of unauthorised personnel access.

Pearl Lemon Accountants can manage payrolls for businesses of all sizes and across all kinds of niches. You’ll find that once someone else is taking expert care of paying your employees in the most efficient – and legally compliant – way possible the extra time – and money – you’ll save really will help you focus on the more important stuff you need to do to grow your business.

Pearl Lemon Accountants offers the best online payroll services London businesses can trust.


The cost of payroll services can vary on the type and size of the organisation. To give you a better idea, the bigger the staff, the lower the individual cost.

When you have so many people on your payroll, you’ll need more time to compute and crosscheck line items on their names. If you employ a payroll service for a considerable number of employees, the turnout of individual costs would be much less.

Yes! Outsourcing payroll services can be very beneficial when you have 100 employees or just 1. 

These services can help you prepare paychecks and can also help you report and pay your payroll taxes which is very important, especially because a single penalty or fine on a missed report can cost you a lot more money. Better to be safe. 

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Yes, you can. However, there are a few things you need to do before you can start doing your own payroll, such as:

  1. Registering as an employer with the HMRC; and
  2. Getting login information for PAYE Online. 

Once you do this, you have the liberty to decide when and how often you’d like to pay your employees.

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