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Score High On Tax Minimisation With Our Accountants for Gamblers

Working with the finest makes sense whether you’re a professional gambler or an amateur with a significant gaming victory.

We aim to help you avoid leaving money on the table by addressing the unique tax considerations faced by gamblers

To make the most of the Tax Code’s favourable provisions for gamblers, you should work closely with a tax expert..

Here at Pearl Lemon Accountants for Gamblers we can help you save money by lowering your tax liability so you can continue to succeed.

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The Downside of Winning

Winnings from any kind of gambling are considered income and must be recorded as such by the winner on their tax return.

Casino games (such as slots, blackjack, craps, and roulette), lotteries, raffles, and even the odds at the races for horses and dogs may all add up to a nice side income.

The fair market value of awards that are not cash, such as vehicles and trips, must often be included in gross income.

One’s tax situation with respect to winnings and losses from gambling might differ greatly depending on whether or not the gambler is engaging in the activity as a hobby or for profit.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) whose customers have gambling revenue and losses will need to understand the exact method in which their clients engage in such activities and, in some cases, if they have extra reporting and withholding responsibilities.

Our Expert Accountants for Gamblers

Tax Planning

Our tax professionals maximise tax allowances, tax reliefs, and industry-specific tax benefits. All business tax returns are prepared by our experienced tax experts to ensure they are HMRC-compliant and filed correctly, avoiding fines.

International Tax Planning

No matter your business or where you plan to live, our international tax experts can help you save UK and non-UK tax.

You are taxed based on how your overseas personal and corporate affairs are structured.

You and your company can save money on taxes in the UK and overseas by implementing a global tax plan designed by our experienced international tax professionals.

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Personal Tax Services

You will receive expert advice on every aspect of your specific tax position to ensure compliance. For simple and complex UK tax filing, we offer a bespoke service. With these tax services, we aim to increase personal wealth while reducing tax bills.

R&D Tax Relief Advice

The UK’s R&D tax rebate is effective and generous. A company’s tax obligation can be reduced or refunded through government relief.

In many cases, qualified companies fail to file claims because they are unaware of the relief or because they feel it is too complicated or inappropriate for their business. The R&D tax credits to design and engineering development. We at Pearl Lemon Accountants for gamblers understand this and can assist you.

HRMC Tax Investigations

Unless you are certain of your situation, you should seek professional guidance during tax audits and inspections.

It is common for investigations to lead to tax bills that are substantial, insolvency, and the necessity for a time-to-pay arrangement, voluntary company arrangement, or creditors’ voluntary liquidation.

A letter or contact from HMRC will inform you that an investigation is underway. “Information notification” letters are the first step in a tax investigation. If you are audited for taxes, the inspector will ask for your records.

 Accountants for gamblers will almost always be contacted if HMRC has permission to do so. Refusing a visit or ignoring an information request may result in a fine.

In a tax inquiry, it is a good idea to hire a tax expert to represent you.

These are just some of the many services from our accountants for gamblers we can offer. Interested of something not on the list? Give us a call

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Reporting Winnings 101

All wins must be reported as income on your tax return.

Winnings from casinos, raffles, lotteries, horse races, and other forms of gambling are all considered forms of gambling revenue. There is protection for both monetary awards and the retail value of non-cash rewards like vehicles and vacations.

But if you’re head is just throbbing with every jargon mentioned with your finances, there’s no need to worry.


An accountant helps your firm satisfy statutory duties and file tax returns on schedule. Accountants can aid you with your gambling winnings or deficits.

Report your successes.

To the full extent of the law, all gaming earnings must be reported as taxable income. In this calculation, the value of comps given out by casinos is included.

Gains from gambling are taxable at the player’s standard rate.

Track your losses

However much money you lose gambling, you may deduct what you lose as a miscellaneous itemised deduction, so there is that.

Keep in mind that you may only deduct so much in gambling losses each year before they start eating into your wins, and that you can’t carry over any losses to the next year. You can’t deduct any of your personal expenditures like gas, food, or a place to stay unless you’re a professional gambler.

Take Note of Your Activities

In order to deduct gaming losses, you must provide the following information:

  • When and what kind of gambling was done.
  • The gaming establishment’s full title and street address.
  • Names of everyone else who happened to be at the casino at the same time as you. (Of course, this is impossible if the gambling is taking place in a public place like a casino, a racetrack, or a bingo hall.)
  • Money gained or lost.

Keep accounts from the casinos you frequent that detail any credits given to you and any receipts you get as proof of your winnings or losses from table games. Unused tickets and explanations of prizes won might serve as proof in lottery cases.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll need to know about various forms of gambling:

Bingo. Evidence may consist of the total number of games, the total cost of cards acquired, and the total sum won.

Keno. Check cashing and credit history at the casino, as well as copies of validated tickets, should be kept for audit purposes.

Racing. The number of races, as well as the total wagers, wins, and losses, are all recorded in the archives of horse racing, harness racing, and dog racing.

Poker Machines, Slot Machines, or Poker Machines. Machine numbers played, together with all cashouts recorded by time and date, may be included in the documentation.

Gambling Tables. Details about the casino you played at and the table you were seated at.

The same fundamental guidelines also apply to gambling on the internet. Contrary to popular belief, gambling operations conducted on the Internet are subject to taxation regardless of where the wagering action takes place.

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