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Polished Taxes: Accountants for Construction Companies

In construction, as in any other business, keeping accurate and efficient books is essential. But even though construction accounting is based on standard accounting principles, it is still a specialised field because of how construction companies work.

Due to it being a specialised and complex tax, 71% of small businesses outsource their accounting tasks. And well, who can blame them, right?

Accountants for construction companies focus on managing the costs and profits of large, individual projects instead of product lines.

They also help their companies deal with industry practices like retainage, special billing and revenue recognition methods, and keeping track of the many change orders.

Since construction accounting is about definite ideas, it requires specific accounting skills. One that CPAs can only provide. Thus, outsourcing is the best option.

Pearl Lemon Accountants for construction companies may be the best people for the job. Give us a call

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How Can Accountants for Construction Companies Help You?

Accounting may give you valuable information about your project, which you can use to make more informed choices.

It provides a comprehensive picture of the company’s activities, finances, and investments.

Accountants for construction companies in charge of controlling costs rely on one or more of two types of accounting: cost accounting and management accounting. Construction companies benefit significantly from accounting as a critical component in effective time management.

Additionally, you may use accounting to manage and pay your construction company’s staff and provide tax advantages.

Providing investors with reliable information is also aided by accounting practices. As a result, it has become a vital aspect of the construction sector.

Accounting processes are essential for construction organisations to assess their financial health correctly and manage their operations efficiently.

Materials and construction project costs have been rising ever since, making it even more critical for construction firms to save money through good accounting standards.

Accounting is one of the numerous tools that might simplify your job if you work in the construction sector.

Your funds will be easier to manage if you use accounting software. Construction firms may better manage their finances and stay organised using accounting. Consequently, you’ll be better able to handle your finances and sell your business more effectively.

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What Are The Services We Have?

Small Business Services

Your business can hire an accountant at different development levels depending on various factors.

Accountants for construction companies can guide you, from creating a business strategy to loan applications and tax audits.

By hiring Pearl Lemon Accountants for construction companies, you will spend less per hour handling time-consuming tasks like taxes than if you did it yourself. As a result, you can spend more time making money and feel inner peace knowing that your money is in the hands of a professional.

Payroll Services

You can focus your internal resources on more productive and lucrative operations while Pearl Lemon Accountants for construction companies manages all aspects of payroll and pensions.

In an ever-changing legislative and regulatory environment, it’s comforting to know that knowledgeable, comprehensive payroll accountants are there to help you. 

There are several areas in which we have vast knowledge regarding outsourcing payroll. We aren’t an automated payroll solution, so your payroll receives the customised, one-on-one attention it deserves.

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International Tax Planning

With our international tax experts, you can save on the UK and non-UK taxes, whether you are doing business globally or are planning to relocate abroad.

How you structure your overseas personal and corporate affairs affects tax liability. Using our global tax planning services, we can help you save money on taxes.

We ensure that you and your company are tax compliant worldwide and save money on taxes in the UK and abroad.

Personal Tax Services

Our team of experts will provide you with expert advice regarding every aspect of your tax situation to ensure compliance. Our UK tax filing service is designed to make the process as easy and complex as possible. These tax services are designed to reduce tax bills while enhancing personal wealth.

VAT Accounting

To ensure your company pays HMRC the right amount of VAT, you need to hire a VAT accountant who ensures you follow all VAT registration procedures for the best VAT scheme.

VAT accountants for construction companies will need access to your company’s records for accurate HMRC reporting.

In addition to providing vital assistance throughout the tax year, VAT accountants can answer your questions about VAT, saving you time and hassle. The volume of goods and services requiring VAT makes this crew crucial (and saves you a lot of money).

VAT is complicated and time-consuming to navigate.

Accountants who specialise in VAT can assist in completing these accounting procedures efficiently and accurately. Companies that sell VAT-taxable goods and services should hire accountants.

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HRMC Tax Investigations

If you’re unsure what to do, seek professional guidance before undertaking a tax audit or inspection.

A tax investigation can result in significant tax bills, insolvency, and the need for a time-to-pay arrangement, voluntary arrangement, or even creditors’ liquidation.

If an investigation is underway, HMRC will contact or write to you. Generally, a tax investigation begins with a letter of notification. You will have to provide records to the inspector during a tax audit. Most of the time, HMRC will get in touch with your accountant.

Refusing a visit or ignoring a request for information could result in a fine.

For many reasons, hiring a tax expert to represent you during a tax investigation is a good idea.

Our services include many more.

Interested in something not on the list? Give us a call.


Construction accountants manage, analyse, and keep up-to-date with the financial information of a construction company.

Since these companies usually work on projects, the accounting team spends a lot of time on job costing tasks needed to estimate, track, and analyse project costs.

Accountants in the construction industry also help companies use the most suitable methods for recognising revenue. Construction accounting is a specialised skill because the construction industry’s accounting needs differ from those of other industries.

Most construction companies’ bookkeeping is based on projects. Bookkeepers have to enter all of the costs for each project.

Usually, they have to ensure that each entry is coded correctly so it can be categorised and given to the right project. Among the other tasks is writing down information about invoices and payments.

Tracking as much information as possible is the most important thing. It would be best if you placed the highest priority on this. When it comes to loan forgiveness for the PPP loan, the more records you keep, your business will be better off.

You should separate your business income and the money from your PPP loan. It might be hard to open a new bank account quickly if you work from home and the bank doesn’t have many people to help you.

If you can, keeping your PPP funds in a separate bank account is a great way to keep them separate from your business funds and keep track of your PPP expenses.

If you can’t or don’t want to open a new bank account, you should use your accounting software to the fullest to keep track of and separate PPP income and expenses.

At Pearl Lemon Accountants, we recognise that a firm can’t obtain all of the benefits of hiring our accounting services from a standard service package. Every service you pick for your business or account may be tailor-made precisely for you.

Because of our high regard for diversity and uniqueness in every company we partner with, your financial statements will seem different from those of our other clients. Our prices will depend on whatever services you pick.

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When you allow us to keep track of your finances, you give yourself more time to do your work and please more clients. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Aside from that, you'll also gain financial stability because your assets and liabilities are managed well enough not to cause any trouble for you in the future.

So let our experts work for you, and you won't regret it even a bit.

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