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We can all agree that as a writer, it can be pretty hard to keep track of everything most of the time. As you constantly work to get your work out in the open, you shouldn’t worry about managing your accounts.

Whether you are a screenwriter, Author, Blogger, Poet, Novelist, Playwright or anything else, you are living the dream. But unfortunately, or fortunately, you can’t live on dreams alone. You need help navigating your accounting, budgeting, taxes and taxes. That’s where accountants for writers can help.

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You need experts who know taxes and bookkeeping to help you with all your financial issues. At Pearl Lemon Accountants for writers, we can help you make your numbers add up.

Our creative accounting experts are experienced in your industry and understand your work processes. When you come to Pearl Lemon Accountants, you can expect sound advice delivered in a way that is both clear and uncomplicated.

Take care of the writing, and let’s take care of your finances.

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Accountants For Writers : Our Services

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Our team will help you file your tax return in order and be submitted on time. Additionally, we will help you calculate what’s needed and ensure you pay your dues on time.

Tax Advice

Our team is committed to ensuring you don’t pay more tax than required. We will advise on the best structures for your business so that you can get more out of your efforts.

VAT Guidance

VAT accountants for writers guarantee that your business pays HMRC the appropriate amount and adheres to all registration requirements for the best VAT scheme.

Payroll Services

By outsourcing your payroll business function to Pearl Lemon Accountants for writers, you can free up internal personnel to work on profitable and productive projects while avoiding the strain of managing compliance-related issues related to payroll and pensions.

We have extensive experience with payroll outsourcing in numerous sectors. Because we are not an automated service, your payroll gets the personalised, one-on-one attention it deserves.

Individual Tax Services

Our experts will advise you on every facet of your unique tax situation to ensure compliance. We provide a customised service for straightforward and complex UK tax filing. We use these tax services to lower tax obligations while increasing individual wealth.

VFO Services

No need to worry if you are too busy for any accountancy. Outsource our experts to help you.

Fiscal Plans

Our tax professionals make the most out of tax deductions, exemptions, and sector-specific tax benefits. Our knowledgeable tax professionals ensure that all business tax returns are filed correctly and per HMRC regulations to avoid penalties.

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Why Pearl Lemon Accountants for Writers

You’ve probably seen a lot of other accounting services, so why should you pick us? Here are some reasons why we might be the best fit for you:

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Knowledge and Focus On Detail

Our team has a wealth of practical knowledge across various financial specialities. They can address a variety of tax and business-related topics. This, combined with our knowledge, attention to detail, and know-how, ensures you will receive a well-rounded accounting service.

Outstanding Service

When you collaborate with our skilled specialists, you can be confident that you will receive a service that is second to none.

A welcoming and friendly team

At Pearl Lemon, we believe that developing individualised, professional relationships with our clients is the best way to provide for their needs. We endeavour to deliver the best services available and work hard to meet and surpass client expectations.

Modern Accounting Methodology

To promote corporate growth, we employ the newest technologies and regularly educate ourselves, keep up with technology trends, and learn new things.

Affordable and Expert Services

You receive value for money while working with us. We can create a bespoke accounting solution at reasonably cheap pricing, whether you want a one-off assignment or an ongoing work relationship.

Certified Accountants

Our certified accountants for writers can provide a wide variety of accounting services.

Readily available and Adaptable

We can assist you whenever you need us because our crew is entirely remote.

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Get Your Finances In Order With Us

As a subsidiary of the Pearl Lemon Group, Pearl Lemon Accountants for writers have access to resources that will produce efficient work. We operate worldwide, including in Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe.

When it comes to financial choices, preparation, and obligations, our accountants for writers can meet the needs of your sector.

Our professionals can handle payroll, fiscal audits, and other more difficult accounting responsibilities.

Our expert accountants for writers will help you optimise your tax so that you only pay what is due and what’s fully compliant with the law. We aim to ensure that you have peace of mind about your finances.

Hire PL Accountants for writers today to take care of your financial matters.

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At Pearl Lemon Accountants, every service you choose for your business or account is tailored to your needs. Your financial statements will not be the same as those of the other clients since we recognise and respect variety and originality in every business we operate in. The services you choose will also impact the final cost of your order from us. As a first step, we recommend contacting us.

For your business to run, expenses are required. The most common tax deductions for authors and writers are listed below.

  • Marketing expenses: business cards and additional copies of your writing.
  • Costs of hosting and running a website to market your work
  • Expenses associated with travel.
  • Hotels were used as lodging during overnight business trips.
  • Laptops, printers, and editing software are examples of computing hardware.
  • Insurance for your computing equipment
  • Commissions are paid to literary agents.

To prepare your financial statements better, we will require you to pass source documents that can help us understand your financial position at the moment. These documents may include but are not limited to: bank statements, ledgers, inventory audits, software, credit card systems, loans, accounts receivable, etc. 

You can send them to us via digital platforms like email, WhatsApp, or hard copy. If you’re unsure how to prepare such documents, we can guide you on how to get them ready in no time. Remember that these documents will reflect the financial aspect of your life and business; that’s why we will handle them with utmost care and confidentiality.

Monthly accounting services are significantly more valuable than annual accounting services. If an accountant reviews your financial information only once a year, it is too late to give advice that would have boosted your revenue for that year, and it is too late to reduce your tax burden for a year that has already passed.

You save time with monthly reporting since you regularly get input on the viability of your company. Knowing that your finances are in order, your tax liability is minimised, and you can make better informed financial decisions gives you a sense of security. These are just a few examples of how monthly accounting pays for itself.

A particular selection of goods and services is subject to a government-mandated sales tax. It is common for vendors to be able to collect tax payments from customers when they make purchases. When the client pays the tax to the government directly, it is referred to as a usage tax.

When you allow us to keep track of your finances, you give yourself more time to do your work and please more clients.It's a win-win situation for everyone.Aside from that, you'll also gain financial stability because your assets and liabilities are managed well enough not to cause any trouble for you in the future.

So let our experts work for you, and you won't regret it even a bit.

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